US CAR Meetings 2011


Project - 1972 Lincoln (460 Ford) engine rebuild -

2e 29-5-2011



US CAR Meetings 2006

LPG installation, Cooling System, Airco

Didam Heavy 8 21-5-2006

Hood, Airco Condensor, Fuel Pump, Speed Control Servo
  Alternator, Carburator, Distributor & Ignition Coil

US CAR Meetings 2005

Accessory Brackets, Power Steering Pump, Fuel Pump, Crank Pulley

Purmerend 24-4-2005 (Lincoln) Starter, Belhousing, Motor Mounts, Lifting the Engine out


Motor Mounts, Intake Manifold, Heat Shield, Water Temp Sender, Spark Plugs, Water Pump, Harmonic Balancer

US CAR Meetings 2004

Heads, Valves, Springs, Rockers, Push Rods, Valve Lifters, Freeze Plugs
Purmerend 4-7-2004 (Lincoln) Timing Gear Housing, Oil Pan, Bottom End, Oil Pump, Timing Chain, Camshaft

Wehl 11-7-2004 Olde Beth Spektakel

Connection Rods & Bearings, Pistons & Piston Rings, Main Caps & Crank Bearings, Rear End Oil Seal

  Oil Pressure Sender, Cam Bearings, Pistons from Rods, Motor Mounts

US CAR Meetings 2003

Purmerend-27-4-2003 (Lincoln)


Assen-11-5-2003 Engine Cleaning, Honing & Spraying
Breda-10-08-2003 Installing Oil Gallery Plugs & Sprayed Engine Result
Kronenberg 24-8-2003 Installing Cam & Main Bearings
  Connecting Rods to Pistons

US CAR Meetings 2002

Installing Piston Rings & Pistons in Block
De Werf 4-5-2002 Installing Timing Chain
Assen 12-5-2002 Installing Timing Chain Cover & Water Pump
Purmerend 9-6-2002 (Lincoln) Installing Oil Pump & Oil Pan
Nuland 7-9-2002 Cylinder Head Work
  Degreeing the Camshaft

Project "Andere Abe"

Correcting Cam Intake Center Line
Andere Abe Gewassen Reinstalling Timing Cover, Water Pump, Damper & Oil Pan...
Hood Ornament & Window Motor Installing Valve Springs & Cylinder Heads
Andere Abe 2012  
  Installing Lifters, Pushrods & Rocker Arms

Historic Motor Event 2007

Pre-oiling the Engine & Installing Intake Manifold
HME-Barneveld Installing a HEI distributor on a 460 Ford Engine
  Restoring miscellaneous engine & "under the hood" parts

TIG lassen

Preparing the Engine Compartment for Engine Reinstall
Tips Reinstalling the Engine


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